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2017 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference held in Beijing

To implement the national strategy of coordinated regional development, and improve the level of two-way investment promotion exchange and cooperation under new economic normal, on January 10, 2017, the "2017 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference" organized by the Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce (CIPA) was held at Hunan Hotel in Beijing. Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of Commerce, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Among over 300 attendees were ambassadors of over 30 countries and regions to China, including the Romanian ambassador, the Hungarian ambassador, the Polish ambassador and the Lithuanian ambassador; representatives from foreign investment promotion agencies, associations and chambers of commerce; as well as representatives from competent commerce departments, investment promotion agencies, parks, intermediaries and enterprises in domestic provinces and municipalities.
In his keynote speech, Wang noted that China absorbed foreign investment steadily in complex international environment in 2016, China's annual scale of foreign investment absorption in 2016 is expected to be even with 2015, China's structure of foreign investment absorption was optimized constantly and China's quality of foreign investment absorption was improved constantly in 2016. He introduced the new measures of the upcoming new foreign investment utilization policy for further opening wider to the outside world, further creating a fair competition environment and further attracting foreign investment, and introduced China's main practices of comprehensively deepening reform and opening wider to the outside world to create a better investment environment for foreign enterprises in recent years in such aspects as the degree of investment facilitation, policy consistency, intellectual property protection and supporting measures. He also noted that China will create more development opportunities for foreign enterprises due to the huge market potential of China, the wider opening of China to the outside world and the constant acceleration in economic globalization. Referring to investment promotion, he stressed that efforts should be made to adhere to correct orientation to make investment promotion work timelier; to renovate work methods to make investment promotion work more professional; and to find out enterprise needs to make investment promotion work more targeting.
Liu delivered a work report. He reviewed the overall situation of China's investment promotion work in 2016, introduced CIPA's achievements in specialization, internationalization and informatization, as well as its next-step work idea, and expressed the willingness to work hard to promote the exchanges, integration and common development among domestic and foreign sides through more professional and efficient services.  
The conference interpreted the situation and policies of China's current two-way investment, built an effective platform for experience sharing and information exchange, and laid a good foundation for the investment promotion work in 2017.


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