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2014 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference Held in Beijing

In order to summarize the investment promotion work for 2013, discuss investment promotion ideas on promotion of opening to both domestic and foreign markets and better combination of “bringing in FDI” and “going global” and explore new mechanism, new methods and new measures for investment promotion under the new situation of comprehensively deepening reforms in 2014, 2014 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference Held in Beijing was held by Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce in Beijing on January 15–16. Assistant Minister Wang Shouwen attended the Conference and delivered a speech. Foreign diplomatic envoys from 24 countries including Britain, United States, Germany, South Africa and Argentina and nearly 300 delegates from 26 foreign investment promotion agencies as well as domestic provincial and municipal commerce authorities, investment promotion agencies, development zones and multinational companies attended the conference.
Assistant Minister Wang Shouwen pointed out in his speech that international investment is an important driving force for economic recovery. Chinese government will continue to pay high attention to promotion of international investment cooperation, further optimize the investment environment and improve the level of “bringing in” and “going global”. Meanwhile, Assistant Minister Wang Shouwen made the following suggestions on further investment promotion: firstly, broadening the field of investment promotion; secondly, constructing a multi-level investment promotion cooperation system; thirdly, exploring new investment promotion ways and improving the professional level. Mr. Sebastian Wood, British Ambassador to China, and Mr. Julian Ventura, Mexican Ambassador to China, also delivered speeches respectively. They described the situation of Sino-British and Sino-Mexican bilateral investment cooperation and put forward appropriate opinions and suggestions. Liu Yajun, Director of Department of Foreign Investment Administration, and Fang Wei, Deputy Director of Department of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation, described the situation and relevant policies for utilization of foreign capital and investment.
Liu Dianxun, Director-General of Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce(CIPA), summarized the investment promotion work for year 2013 of CIPA and introduced the key work plan for 2014. Director-General Liu Dianxun said that for the coming period, CIPA will focus on improving the professional level of investment promotion, combine the “bringing in” and “going global” with the promotion of industrial transfer and upgrading, combine the publicity of domestic investment environment or international cooperation with the benign development of local investment promotion, combine the improvement of public service capacity with the innovative investment promotion methods and provision of extension services, and enhance work relevance, systematic and effectiveness. The experts from Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation delivered a special lecture on the “bringing in” and “going global” policies for open economy put forward in Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of CPC. At the investment promotion conference, the representatives present at the meeting exchanged their experiences and practices on how to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit and pragmatically and efficiently promote investment, and discussed the ideas and suggestions on proper investment promotion under the new situation of comprehensively deepening reforms. During the Conference, the National Economic Development Zone Joint Conference for Investment Promotion 2014 - “Innovation, R&D and Environmental Protection” Special Round Table Meeting and Presentation of Investment Environment in Portuguese-speaking Countries were held.
This Conference has built a platform for interaction among Sino-foreign investment promotion agencies, played the role of information sharing, experience exchanging, enlightenment and leading the development, and effectively encouraged Sino-foreign investment promotion agencies to promote the two-way investment in a more professional, pragmatic and efficient way.


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